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L2L Online Academy provides a wide range of courses that have been carefully designed to meet the general and particular needs of our students. We are experts in helping students become effective communicators.
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Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
Alexander Frahm Fetehrston
Language Coordinator Love2Learn

What We Provide

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How we do it

Love 2 Learn is a small local Language & Grinds school. All our teachers are native-level and qualified to teach. Our group classes are only of maximum 8 students, ensuring every student is given the attention and dedication they deserve.

We strive to make all of our lessons (face2face and online) an exciting language experience!  

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Our pedagogical approach is communication and ed-tech based facilitating the competencies and skills necessary to help our students achieve their professional, personal and academic objectives for next normal.

Focusing on THE 4 STAR SKILLS: Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening, we will encourage our students to immerge themselves into the international experience we create in each and every one of our sessions, which take place in unique classroom environments which are transformed to represent different international cities.

Love2learn provides excellent language training and instruction in a controlled educational environment which will offer our student unlimited opportunities to use the target language with native and bilingual language professionals.

Our course programs and curriculums are supported by online resources, activities, projects and events that enhance classroom learning and put into practice the target language in the real world.

It pays close attention to the actual needs of our students and providing personalized-individual care shall be our priority and the key to our students’ success in the learning of the language.

All of L2L language teachers are native or bilingual experienced professionals who use the best materials and methods available and make innovative use of technology where appropriate. Making sure that your time at the English Star Camps 2.0 becom an education and an exciting lifetime experience.

Excellent teachers

Exam Preparation classes are taught by our experienced and dedicated L2L teachers who are familiar with the relevant exams and who are there for you, each step of the way.

Quality matters

Maximum 10 students per group class (average 6 students), in order ensure quality learning, effective monitoring & assessment and continuous for all our learners at Love2learn and L2L Online.

L2L learning bonus

Students who have joined any of our Exam Preparation courses will have free access to extra services, such as access to exam materials, past exam papers, free corrections by our teachers and wide range of interactive videos & materials.

At L2L, our teachers and staff members are always happy to give you advice should you have any questions or concerns about your exam preparation in general.

No matter which language exam you choose to take, the most important element is General English. You will not be able to build your knowledge and increase your exam score without a good foundation in General English skills.

For this reason, at Love2learn and L2L Online, we provide all of our learners with an intensive learning package (online and printed learning resources and unlimited access to our L2L platform with videos and interactive exam-focus exercises). We also offer flexi-learning packages with intensive lessons: Intensive English (=General English) in the mornings, speaking & communication support, individual support sessions and exam-focus lessons in the afternoons or evenings.

Improving your overall English skills and building a good foundation, through Intensive English and specific exam techniques & tips, as well as working on the actual exam papers and layout of the official Cambridge Exams – That is the key to your success in your exam!

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